Culture Show

A culture show competition that fosters and promotes the knowledge and retention of the Vietnamese culture through skit, dance, and singing performances. 

Requirements for participating in culture show: 

  • Each school must have representatives attend both of the leadership workshops leading up to the event 
  • Each school must submit a poster/ banner with the school 
  • *Attendance at culture show coaching series (not required but HIGHLY recommended)*

Please see the sections below for more information!

Culture Show Organizing Team: Contact us!

Austin Le


Culture Show Producer

Hi! I’m currently a 4th year at UC Berkeley studying integrative biology and public health. This will be my 3rd year organizing MAYS after participating in it all throughout high school. I love coming back each year and watching the acts that y’all put together. 

Ask me about: Anything regarding culture show! I will direct you to the correct director if I don't know the answer!

Cindy Nguyen


Culture Show MC Coordinator

Hello! I am currently a 2nd year at Foothill College majoring in Sociology. I participated in MAYS throughout all of high school, and this will be my 2nd year helping out on the committee. MAYS was always my favorite event to look forward to because I loved seeing all the talented VSAs from different schools perform. 

Ask me about: MC, performance schedule, pageants

Alicia Luong


Culture Show Judges Coordinator

HELLO EVERYONE! I’m Alicia, the judges coordinator for MAYS. I am currently in my second year at De Anza College majoring in psychology. Last year was my first year planning MAYS and I'm super pumped to be back this year. Watching all of your unique talents and qualities and learning from you is my favorite part of being in MAYS and it's the reason I will keep coming back. 

Ask me about: judges, different community events, transferring from community college, makeup, or anything

Kobe Lopez


Culture Show Tech Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m a 1st-year student at UC Berkeley (with Austin OMG) planning to major in Economics, but in High School, I took part in three years worth of MAYS. It feels just like yesterday I was preparing for MAYS with my club and I can still remember how it felt to go through all the events. I’m back to do my best in order to make sure that this MAYS is the best ever, so please reach out about anything you need.

Ask me about: performance schedule, lighting, sound, venue, tech, audio

Truong Xe


VietAYA Finance Director and Culture Show Coaching Coordinator

What’s up! I’m currently working full-time at a Finance Law Firm in SF! I am currently the Treasurer for Viet-Aya, the parent organization responsible for MAYS, and the Finance Director for MAYS! I actually participated in MAYS when I was involved with VSA in high school and won a scholarship. The event had such a big impact on my cultural identity and provided a sense of solidarity among the Viet-American youth community that I never expected to find. My goal is to help you feel welcomed and supported as you prepare for the event and on-the-day-of!

Ask me about: coaching series, extra support

LeAnne Do


Volunteering Coordinator

Hello Everyone! I recently graduated from UCI with a double major in Economics and Education Sciences and currently working at Google. This is my first MAYS Cultural Show and I am super excited to see all the talented individuals’ performances.



  • skit
  • singing
  • dance 

Each school may participate only once in each of the categories with the exception of two dance performances not exceeding 6 minutes in total.

Scoring Guideline:


Monetary awards will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing groups in Skit, Song, and Dance categories. The exact amounts of these cash prizes will be announced on the day of the event.

Prizes to award winners will be distributed after the show. Please send one representative from your school to the registration desk to fill out forms so that we may send the award later.

Practice time:

There will be practice time (no tech or audio provided) offered on stage for groups who come early. Groups may come check-in starting at 7:30 AM at the venue. Each performance (skit, singing, dance) will receive 10 minutes to practice, and practice time will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Practice time will be from 8 AM-11:30 AM. 

Who can compete?

  • All performers must be students of grades 9th – 12th (high school senior).
  • All performers must be students of the school they represent in competition

Performance time limits:

  • Skit – 15 minutes maximum.
  • Singing – 4 minutes maximum.
  • Dance – 6 minutes maximum.  

*Clubs may perform 2 separate dances not exceeding 6 minutes in total; clubs that choose to represent with two dance performances will have their scores averaged)

* Judges have the right to cut-off your performances if they exceed the time limit and 4 points will automatically be deducted. 


Please have a representative show up at the venue by 12:00pm to check-in your team. If your representative does not check in with us, you will be disqualified.

Performances will be cut if members/performers are not present during their name call with exception to emergency. 

Audio submission:

  • You may bring your performance mp3 file on a USB to the MAYS workshops on 10/20 or 10/27, email your mp3 files to 
  • Please label your USB with the name of your group and title of performance in the file (school name_title of performance) and keep note of this file name. If you have multiple performances from your school , please clearly indicate which file belongs to which performance in your file name
  • Example: Santa Teresa VSA submits their file in this format: Santa Teresa VSA_ Fan Dance

Lighting/ sound requests:

Please make a copy of this spreadsheet and send to us in your registration form!

Please designate one tech representative (not a performer) from your group to help cue the light/sound engineer at the performance. If you do not provide a tech representative, there is no guarantee we will accurately execute your sound/lighting requests.

Performance titles and files needs to be sent by Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 @ 11:59 PM. If any problems with your files arise then we will contact you via email, so please send them early!

Performance points will be deducted if performance title/files are sent in late. 


  • Dress appropriately!! No clothes that are too revealing. 
  • No profanity or inappropriate words. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in disqualification or point deduction.
  • No candles or any other flammable items will be permitted for the performances.  No confetti may be used.  


  • If you have any special requests please tell the committee before the day of the performance.
  • We are NOT liable for any losses or damages to any articles.  We are also NOT liable for any injuries due upon any person on the days of the event.
  • Consent forms must be signed by participants’ guardians and submitted before the competition. All participants must submit consent forms.


School Spirit Poster Requirement

In order to compete in the MAYS 2019 Culture Show this year, each school will need to create a poster representing its club and show off its spirit!

What’s the plan?

  1. The paper to make these posters will be provided to each school at the MAYS Leadership workshops (which are mandatory as well)
  2. Each campus may feel free to decide upon the design of their poster as they wish
    1. Keep in mind the specifications below
  3. Posters should be submitted by November 1st to Mt Pleasant High School’s Chinese Vietnamese Club (Keep in mind the school’s office hours)
    1. Posters can be brought to Mt Pleasant High School attendance office with an attached note reading “attn: Mr. Dang”


  • Posters should be rectangular 36” by 72”
  • Posters should be designed to be viewed in a portrait orientation
  • Designs should include: school name or abbreviation, school colors, club name or abbreviation, decorative symbol (ie: panda, planet, cardinal, unicorn)
  • Keep in mind that these designs should be school and family-friendly, refusal to comply with this guideline is likely to result in the absence of said poster on stage

Any questions?

These posters will not be judged are just to give your club/school a presence on stage and opportunity to work together. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Culture Show Tech Director, Antonio Kobe Lopez 

Here are the poster guidelines in a doc:


Culture Show Coaching Series

9/23-10/28: Monday Nights from 8-9PM!

Along with the cultural show, we’ve prepared a Coaching Webinar Series to enable all participating school’s to gain resources from past MAYS participants and current leaders in collegiate VSA to provide advice and mentorship to all participating schools in the MAYS Cultural Show! We HIGHLY recommend your participation in this 6-week series that will cover all components of the cultural show! 

The Coaching Webinar Series will be hosted from September 23th-October 28th with each webinar on Monday nights from 8-9 PM!

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom! Please see the information below for access to the meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting 

One tap mobile

+16699006833,,130847663# US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 130 847 663

If you have any questions you’d like to ask the coaches please submit them here:

Past Coaching Sessions

All our coaching sessions are recorded! Check them out at this link to our Google Drive:


Julia Nguyen


Skit Coach


Hi, my name is Julia! I went to Santa Teresa High School and now I’m a psychology major at UC Irvine. I was in VSA during my junior and senior year of high school and while I’m not longer currently involved with VSA in college, I have do have a UCI VSA family when I was in it. I was mainly involved in leading the VSA skit for MAYS during my senior year. If you all have any questions please feel free to ask me! 🙂

Austin Le


Arts and Activism (Dance) Coach


Austin graduated from Santa Teresa High School in 2012 and is finishing his 4th year at UC Berkeley with hopes of pursuing medicine and public health. He is interested in the intersections of social justice and medicine, and is looking to go into pediatric medicine/ public health research and advocacy in the future. 

He has been involved with both the VSA at Santa Teresa and the VSA at Cal, and he currently serves as the external vice president of the Union of Northern California Vietnamese Student Associations with recently completed involvement on the civic engagement committee for the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA). He is a strong proponent for cultural arts/dance promotion, and he has produced Cal VSA’s 2018 culture show which won UNAVSA’s category for Best Cultural Program in North America. He also has taught various Vietnamese dances to youth groups both in VSA and at after school high school programs for the past 8 years. In his free time he enjoys playing ukulele and watching cartoons.

Johnson Nguyen


Audio Coach


Hello, my name is Johnson Nguyen and I will be here to show you the ropes on anything audio for MAYS. I went to high school at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose and I was their main Audio Lead for MAYS as well as the VSA show. Currently, I’m a 4th year Computer Science student attending California State University Long Beach and I’ve been the Tech Audio lead for our Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN) show for 2 years. I’ve been active in my schools VSA ever since my 2nd year as a freshmen here and I haven’t looked back since. VSA in Long Beach is like another home away from home.

For my webinar, I would like to talk about equipment and software to get you started on your first voice over recording for MAYS. I’ll be giving a brief overview on how to edit your audio to make things sound the best they can be, all for little to no cost.

Vivian Nguyen


Dance Coach


Hey! My name is Vivian Nguyen 🙂 I went to Santa Teresa High and am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at UCLA pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in education. I'm hoping to get my Master's and teaching credentials in the next couple of years so I can become a high school math teacher. I had been involved with VSA throughout all four years of high school (mainly in the dance department) but as of right now, I am not.  For the past three years, I danced and co-coordinated a collegiate competitive dance team called VSU Modern. We are invited every year to perform at our school's Vietnamese Culture Night, and that is the extent of my current involvement with VSU.  I'd like to talk about my experience leading a dance team (choreographing, blocking, cleaning, the works) and how this can be applied on a smaller level. Thanks!

Rose Hoang


Skit Coach


Hi! My name is Rose Hoang and I am a rising Junior at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) pursuing a Bachelors degree in Global Studies and Asian American Studies.

I grew up in San Jose, attended Piedmont Hills High School and took a gap year with Global Citizen Year right before coming to UCSB. I spent this summer working on issues I’m passionate about with APIAVote, an organization working to mobilize and empower the Asian American community through civic engagement. 

VSA has played a huge part in my life since my freshman year of high school! When I came to UCSB, I got involved as an intern and last school year, had the opportunity to direct our high school outreach program VOICE. Lastly, I have been heavily involved with our Vietnamese Culture Nights these past two years as traditional coordinator, performed a spoken word piece and got to act for the first time. Although I did not imagine being so involved with VSA, the people kept bringing me back and the space allowed me to explore and empower my own identity as a Vietnamese American.

Linh-Chi Tran


Skit and Dance Coach


High School: Lowell High School (in sf!)
Where am I now: I'm finishing up my last semester at UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics with an Education minor! I'm thinking about maybe going into industry and working in administration for a little while and then going to grad school so I can teach at a community college in the future.
How long was I in VSA: I've been a part of Cal VSA since my first semester here, first as an intern and then as the Publicity Chair, and finally as the Culture Chair (aka Culture Show Producer) last year. I plan to be involved as a general member this year, as I want to focus on getting a Big Girl Job.