MAYS will award scholarships to Vietnamese American high school students who are involved in VSA in the Bay Area. Starting in 2018, we are partnering with Vingo, a non-profit focusing on Vietnamese culture and language preservation, to extend our annual scholarship fund to our MAYS participants.




  1. Must be a Junior [Grade 11] or Senior [Grade 12] in high school.
  2. Complete the “Scholarship Application Form” online. 
  3. Submit all applications by November 1, 2019. 

Scholarship Prizes

1st: $300 per student

2nd: $200 per student

3rd: $100 per student


Essays will be evaluated for their creativity, relevance and authenticity.

Question 1: Write a brief autobiography. 

Please write in 100 words or less. 

Question 2: Why do you think learning heritage language is helpful to your personal and professional life?

Please write in 250 words or less.

Question 3: Why do you deserve this scholarship? How do you plan to use your scholarship award?

Please write in 250 words or less.

Step to enter

In order to enter the competition, please follow these simple steps to complete a full application by November 1, 2019. 

  1. Follow the link to the Registration at page 9
  2. Fill out “Scholarship Registration” and “Essay Submissions” tab.
  3. Start writing! Please be very careful with the word count. We will not read essays that exceed the word limit.
  4. Copy your essay into the box provided in the scholarship application.
  5. Agree with Vingo’s Terms & Conditions. Please be sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions before applying. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
  6. Print your full name in the given box.


  • November 1: Last day to submit.
  • November 7: Finalists are notified.
  • November 9: MAYS - Award Ceremony! 


Vy Nguyen