Our Programs

Leadership Workshop


A series of workshops designed to educate, enrich, and empower future generations of youth.

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MAYS will award scholarships to Vietnamese American high school students who are involved in VSA in the Bay Area. Starting in 2018, we are partnering with Vingo, a non-profit focusing on Vietnamese culture and language preservation, to extend our annual scholarship fund to our MAYS participants.

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A clash of brain and brawn as contestants face off in a multitude of battles that will test their own strength as well as their teamwork. Does your team have what it takes to take home the Gold?

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Cultural Pitch Game


A pitch game that allows students to be problem solvers and advocate for feasible solutions to improve their local communities. 

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An academic contest that allows individual student to showcase his/her public speaking skill. 

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Debate is a competitive competition of MAYS. This is new. Each school can register up to two teams of two people each.  

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Culture Show


A culture show that fosters and promotes the knowledge and retention of the Vietnamese culture through a variety of skit, dance, and singing performances. The purpose is to provide a space for Vietnamese-American and Vietnamese youth to learn about and celebrate their heritage and how this ties into their contemporary narratives. The culture show not only puts emphasis on knowing and valuing roots in the Vietnamese community, but it also conveys a positive message to other ethnic groups and communities as a whole.

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